Cadastral Surveys

At Strydom and Associates, we specialize in professional Cadastral Surveys, which encompass one of the oldest and most fundamental aspects of human society: land ownership. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating, marking, defining, retracing, and reestablishing boundaries and subdivisions of public lands.

A cadastre serves as a comprehensive register and diagrammatic representation of all land parcels within a country. It provides crucial details such as ownership, tenure, precise location (including GPS coordinates), dimensions, area, cultivation (if rural), and the value of individual parcels of land.

In Namibia, the cadastre encompasses approximately 150,000 land parcels. It comprises an index register and analog cadastral maps, known as noting sheets, covering the entire country. The national control network consists of approximately 3,200 points, ensuring accuracy and reliability. At the surveyor-general office of Namibia, a comprehensive archive of legal survey measurements and records is maintained, updated, and securely stored.

As cadastral surveyors, our responsibilities at Strydom and Associates include:

1. Farm/Erf Boundary Identification and Replacement: We specialize in accurately identifying and replacing farm or erf boundaries, ensuring clear and well-defined land demarcations.

2. Boundary Dispute Surveys: Our expertise extends to conducting surveys to resolve boundary disputes, providing expert analysis and evidence-based solutions.

3. Land Subdivision and Consolidation: We assist in the subdivision and consolidation of land parcels, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements while ensuring accurate and reliable cadastral information.

4. Servitude Surveys: Our team conducts servitude surveys, mapping and documenting the rights and restrictions associated with land use and access.

5. Township Establishment Surveys: We have the knowledge and experience to carry out surveys for the establishment of townships, adhering to the necessary legal and procedural requirements.

At Strydom and Associates, we recognize the vital role that cadastral surveys play in ensuring proper land administration, legal certainty, and efficient land management. Our dedicated team is equipped with the expertise, technology, and resources to deliver accurate and dependable cadastral survey services.

If you require professional Cadastral Surveys, please contact us at Strydom and Associates. We are ready to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a detailed quotation tailored to your cadastral survey needs.

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