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Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral surveys deal with one of the oldest and most fundamental facets of human society: the ownership of land. They are the surveys that create, mark, define, retrace, or reestablish the boundaries and subdivisions of the public lands.

A cadastre is a comprehensive register and diagramatic representation of all land parcels of a country. It commonly includes details of the ownership, the tenure, the precise location (some include GPS coordinates), the dimensions (and area), the cultivations if rural, and the value of individual parcels of land. Read more...

In Namibia the cadastre covers the total of about 150,000 land parcels. It consists of an index register and an analogue, but country wide, cadastral maps (noting sheets). There is a national coverage of control points (about 3,200 points). There is an archive of the legal survey measurements. The cadastre is updated daily. The cadastral index register and the noting plans are not yet computerised. Read more...

Cadastral Surveyors are responsibile for sub-divisions, Beacon replacements, creation of servitude's, sectional titles, consolidations and are called upon in the event of and land disputes.

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